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About Intense

Intense house was founded in 2018 by Mr. Ahmed Helmy a man whose passion is to work in the field of perfumes since 2002. He has a great experience in the field of perfumes oils and incense industry. He established intense house to provide solutions for perfumes and cosmetics makers, and provide quality materials from perfumes oils and essential oils and incenses and all tools needed in this industry, and also marketing solutions and research studies that help developing the product and increase quality and sales through a professional marketing team and consultants that have an experience more than 10 years in this field.


Leading every good taste towards glory.


We know we own the tools that will make us one of the leaders of the Egyptian market but most importantly are the ones who use those tools. And our professional experience in tools management will help us become the leaders in the Egyptian and Middle East markets and make a remarkable name in the industry of perfumes that competes internationally and offers all that’s new and contemporary in this field.
Served Over 0 Perfumes trader all over Egypt

Fragrance Oils

Fine fragrance - House hold - Personal care.

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Natural Oils

We offer a wide range of natural oils extracted from seeds and plants

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Intense Story

Every story has a different beginning, this time our story is totally different from quality to every single detail. Every expert seeks to find the most reliable sources that offer best quality products, That’s why we chose our name (Intense) which means the highest degree of intensity in any perfume oils to help us express that quality of a scent is a must. We also offer a wide range of management and planning and marketing and branding solutions. Our aim is to provide complete solutions in the field of cosmetics and perfumes and incenses.