Leading every good taste towards glory.

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Served Over 0 Perfume trader all over Egypt

Fragrance Oils

Fine fragrance - House hold - Personal care

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Natural Oils

We offer a wide range of natural oils extracted from seeds and plants

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Digital Marketing

Marketing consultation through social media channels and platforms.

Marketing Development

Marketing consultation about a product and its design and trademark.

Marketing Consulting

Restructuring brands and establishing marketing campaigns for the products.

Our Solutions

We’re the only agents of two companies in Egypt one of which is Charbot the French company that owns a wide collection of distinctive oils and special codes.

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Charabot Codes

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More than 220 Codes in Charabo list

Leyond Codes

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More than 150  Codes in Leyond list

Jokers Codes

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More than   80  Codes in Jokers list

Our Intense Mission

We know we own the tools that will make us one of the leaders of the Egyptian market but most importantly are the ones who use those tools.

Recent consultation services

Incense Tools

03:30PM Cairo, Egypt

We offer a wide collection of Incense holders with special designs and shapes.

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Research Consultion

6:00PM Cairo, Egypt

Research consultancy about a specific service and components study.

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Products Production

11:00AM Cairo, Egypt

We can produce you your special different types of cosmetics and formulas upon your request.

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