Charabot Fragrance Oils

We’re the only agents of two companies in Egypt one of which is Charabot the French company that owns a wide collection of distinctive oils and special codes.

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Leyond Fragrance Oils

The other company is (leyond) the French company that has a huge list of world-class products from fashion houses and unique niche fragrances Oils.

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Jokers Fragrance Oils

Jokers is established by (intense), it has a big collection of the best codes and products and exclusives in the Egyptian market that you’ll find nowhere else.

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Natural Oils

We offer a wide range of natural oils extracted from seeds and plants like jojoba, peppermint, sesame, olives, black seed, linseed, arugula and other natural high quality oils that are in compliance with the Egyptian specifications.

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Fragrance Bottles

We offer a great wide collection of perfumes bottles that you’ll hardly find anywhere with competitive prices and different shapes, We have our own unique designs, you also can ask about any design you want and we’ll be ready to produce you your whole production line. Perfumes Tools

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Incenses - Bakhoor

Incenses world is very marvelous, but few are of good and distinctive quality. We can manufacture all types and different kinds of incenses. We use world’s finest and best quality materials to produce perfume incenses and we also manufacture non perfume incenses as well, all upon your preference.

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